Monday, January 28, 2008

A Case of the Clap: Blinking at the State of the Union

- Bush doesn't want us to sacrifice or to serve because when we are "doing for our country" we aren't spending money and creating personal debt. When we volunteer, we come together as a community and we become more invested in our political culture. When we serve, we own the country. When we are served, when we are pandered to, mommy and daddy can continue drinking through their lost weekend.

- Washington DC is a kind of political Vatican. What goes on there, the rituals, the ceremony, is totally disconnected from the laity. How can simple civility take precedent over the fact that this failed president has bankrupted this country?

- Governor Sebelius of Kansas wants to be Obama's running mate.

- Republicans are more committed to their party then they are to the country. It is peculiarly American form of fascism. I doubt very much that they all believe that the answer to terrorism creating a surveillance state via the FISA court?

- Bush will self-rapture after he leaves office.

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