Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bill, Shut the Fuck up!

Bill Clinton minimizes Obama's massive victory in South Carolina by noting how Jesse Jackson ALSO won South Carolina twice, in 1984 and '88. Does this suggest that Bill has noticed that Jackson and Obama are both black? Does it suggest that he is simply an enthusiastic supporter of another candidate who happens to be his spouse?

Or does it suggest a degree of desperation from a former candidate who himself won South Carolina in two straight elections? (1992 & '96 - although, granted, he was running again Lyndon LaRouche in the latter primary.) Is it just something to say in defeat? There is no way Bill is doing a "Jesse = Obama" equating. I assume that he Bill is incapable of just letting certain things go.

Maybe he should have. After all, California will give it to Hillary, good and proper. Tea leaves may not have any relevance in this election cycle. So much is in the air. Serious candidates representing Americans who have been historically shit-canned. Clinton (women), Obama (African-Americans), and Edwards (the working poor). This should be the proudest moment in history of the Democratic party.

If Hillary wins, will Obama join her cabinet? Edwards would be a smart choice for either's Attorney General. How do we like the sound of Secretary of State Clinton? (But WHICH Clinton?) Or Chief Justice Clinton? (Well, is Bill eligible?)

Meanwhile,on the other side... is there a 21st century Republican in the bunch? Is there a non-pandering, non-whack job in that fruit salad?

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