Monday, March 30, 2009

Fragments: Mandela

I am dizzy with admiration for Nelson Mandela and his country. What an antidote to cynicism, what a paragon of hope and sincerity. I watched again the PBS documentary and was most moved by scenes of the rugby world cup staged in S. Africa. A game that heretofore had been one of the symbols of oppression had become a rallying point for national unity. Mandela did not co-opt the sport from the whites he joined with it and it with him. Seeing white rugby fans waving the new flag because they felt pride for their nation is very redemptive. One of the narrators said it best - Mandela did not just liberate the blacks he liberated the whites from themselves. He redeemed them, healed them. When this man passes the nation will have lost not its Lincoln but its Christ.

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