Thursday, May 31, 2007

Deconstructing a Movie I've Never Seen Based on a Single Image from the Film

In the vein of one of my old professors at CSUN:

I don’t know anything about this film but I can tell you everything you need to know about the relationships based on the poses of the characters. Wilson, head half-tilted, eyebrows up, arms in a shrug, hands up-turned to catch his juggles; Dillon, body towards Hudson, face turned towards Wilson. Hand in pocket, teasing his cock with the hand closest to Wilson, left arm disappears behind Hudson/support-wall. Eyes frowning in disbelief over some Rabelaisian nonsense perpetrated by Wilson, and yet, a half smile, still. Hudson, stiff as a board at right angles from Wilson. Her arms folded like an angry mother, but also framing her breasts because she does want Wilson to find her attractive (co-Nordics?). The only thing out of place… she is smiling. Her body is saying yes/no, her face is saying “I’m just a girl.” COLOR: Hudson: brown (fecal); Dillon: dark blue (invisibility); Wilson: red (sexual passion; excitement); light blue shirt (homo-erotic harmony with Dillon); brown pants: (corprophilic harmony with Hudson; desire for sexual humiliation).

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